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In the mood for 18 General Tao plates from Thaizone? We won't judge because we love them too! Choose your meals amongst our large selection of restaurants and create your box with your favorites plates. You can order up to 5, 10 or 18 meals in a single box, even if they are all just for you !

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My French Cancan Box

Craving French Cancan while you are stuck at home? We get it, everyone has their own guilty pleasure! With our French Cancan custom box, you can select up to 4 or 8 popcorn bags to enjoy by yourself or with others. Don’t forget that sharing is only an option.

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Mid-Day Squares

If you’ve ever got hit with afternoon hunger at work...if you’ve ever been on the run and had to delay lunch or dinner...if you’ve ever felt guilty, after eating that “insert secret here”… Mid-Day Squares were made for you!😉

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